Why is morning run so effective?

Why is morning run so effective?

A morning run is a simple and available kind of physical activity for most of us. Unlike gym exercises and treadmills, morning runs require only sneakers and comfortable clothes. The correct technique for the morning run will give you not only an excellent physical form but also a great mood for the whole day.

To force yourself to get up earlier and run the distance is one of the main difficulties for those who have decided to strengthen their health by running. It’s always hard to start running. But if you can overcome yourself, then a surge of strength and a good state of health is guaranteed.

What are the benefits of running in the morning?

Morning run:
– strengthens the heart muscle, and prevents the occurrence of heart disease;
– is an effective treatment for people who have suffered a heart attack;
– helps to fight overweight: 15-20 minutes of exercise in the morning equal to one hour of classes in the afternoon;
– improves mood;
– eliminates insomnia, stress, and depression;
– makes a feeling of emotional recovery: a combination of “physical” and “mental” joy.

Of course, if you do it regularly, the morning run will have the biggest effect. At the same time, if you do not have the opportunity to run the distance every morning, it will be quite enough to run 3-4 times a week. Running time can last no less than 20-30 minutes. You can gradually increase the load.

How to start the morning run?

First of all, you need to define a running path: this may be a park, a stadium etc. The place needs to be safe. Unlike exercise at another time of day, the morning run has its peculiarity that needs to be taken into account so as not to create stressful situations for the body.

1. After sleep, the body needs some time to adjust: physical activity immediately after awakening can significantly harm your health. At this time you can take a contrast shower and drink a glass of water.
2. You should not gorge yourself before and after the run. Breakfast should be light. You can have an apple for a snack before running or drink a glass of juice.
3. Choose comfortable shoes and clothes for a morning run. The shoes should have shock absorbers on the heel and maintain the ankle. The clothes should be comfortable, so as not to hold you back from movements. Wear clothes according to the weather.

The technique of the correct morning run

1. Start a run by walking, increasing the speed to the fast walking, which turns into running.
2. Watch for your feelings and breathing. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Breathe deeply, but not very often. If you feel bad or there is a need to catch your breath – go for a walk.
3. Don`t stop abruptly after the running. Walk around, moving from a fast pace to a slow one. It will allow you to gradually catch your breath.
4. Coming home, take a shower and have a light breakfast.


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