Top Entry Level Business Jobs


Top Entry Level Business Jobs

Business major is a great wide door to all sorts of professional opportunities. Actually, Business majors hold the utmost employable groups of fresh graduates. It might seem overwhelming to pick a job because there are so many opportunities. If you want to concentrate on picking a certain job, you should take a paid or unpaid internship while you’re still studying in college. Of course, this will help you build up some great skills which will also make it easier for you to identify the right career for you, as well as giving you a glimpse of what type of entry-level job you need to apply for.

Here are the best entry-level jobs for business majors.

Entry level business jobs

Sales representative

This job title needs a Commercial mind, because you need to be a pro in understanding your customers’ needs and divert it into a sale (buy-sell). If you have this ability, then Sales representative is your alley. Your role is to sell different products to individuals, government organizations and other companies. You need to be smart by building long-term relationships between you and your customers. If you want to be the master of Sales representative then make sure you increase the company’s revenue with real statics numbers.

Financial analyst and chief financial officer

This job title requires business major qualifications, even master’s degree, merged with an interest on finance. If you can merge between finance and business major then this is the perfect job for you. This job position is very popular to entry-level roles in the finical services industry. You’ll need to look at the performance of stocks, bonds and other relevant investments.

Financial Analysts job opportunities are in high demand, locally and abroad.

Brand marketing assistant

Brand marketing assistant job position is a popular fit job title; you have to learn about being savvy depending on the current market conditions by making market research, reviewing reports and studying market trends. Besides other duties like preparing presentations and reports which has the detailed performance of a specific brand , and also make detailed reports for the deigns and marketing strategy as well.

Brand Marketing Assistant is a great entry level job title for fresh graduates; it gives the employee a solid start-up push in the business industry generally. Similar great job position is also the digital marketing specialist.

If you get hired in a Human Resources Assistant positions, then you’ll be the one assisting the process of hiring and onboarding employees, besides being responsible of troubleshooting the issues between managers and employees when required. You need to always make sure that the relationship between employers and employees is good and the workflow is operating smoothly. You might sometimes help out in preparing & conducting training programs.

Human Resources Assistant for fresh graduates is a great job position, this job role allows you to grow gradually and if you’re solid and equivalent enough then you might get promoted to an HR manager one day!

Human resources assistant

Assistant Buyer

When you work as an Assistant Buyer, you will be responsible to evaluate suppliers, obtaining price proposals, purchasing supplies and of course ensuring that products arrive on time. You also have to expect that you might be asked to balance the product quality with company budgets and have a good sense of purchasing decision making. If you have the ability to do so then you’re considered a good candidate for this job position.

Every job position asks for special requirements and skills to be owned, generally, some skills can be gained after work experience and some must be owned before, like being commercial mind by nature, will neutrally open all doors ahead of you related to business majors. Do not only rely on your educational degree, business industry is similar to technology, it changes rapidly and new business methods are being released monthly and some are totally canceled. That’s why business industry needs to be up-to-date about all business developments and new methods. All industries change and develop in a way or another, that’s why every job position has to be updated once in a while, learn new courses and at least read about the latest developments and changes.

High-Paying Jobs for Introverts That Are Online

Not every freelancer feels comfortable in a crowded workplace or office environment. Remote jobs seem like a good solution, but many refuse to give them a chance because they think it means sacrificing a good salary.

The good news is, that is not the case. There are many high-paying jobs for introverts out there, that can be done remotely online. If you are just starting a career you can also find entry level jobs for introverts that also guarantee a solid income. Jobs for introverts with no experience are just as accessible online in this modern age.

Why do many Introverts Prefer Online Jobs?

People tend to wrongly presume that being an introvert means you don’t like other people. That is usually not the case, introverts can be very social. The difference is that while extroverts get energized by spending time with others, introverts need time alone and usually in the quiet to get the same levels of energy.

Add to this that some people can be very shy and only feel comfortable being with their family and close friends. In some cases, introverts can only feel relaxed in their own homes. Bust workplaces with many new faces and unfamiliar co-workers can stress them out. This can mean as an introvert freelancer you struggle to do your best work in these circumstances.

That’s why remote jobs for introverts are a fantastic solution for shy people. They can create their office environment and complete work at home jobs, all while keeping up their energy levels and staying productive. You can make a job search online, set latest job alert, find help in consulting firms, etc.

High-Paying Jobs for Introverts That Are Online

You might think that work from home jobs for introverts require you to always be on the phone and have constant meetings with supervisors and coworkers. I have even heard of some part time jobs for introverts that require your screen to be recorded to check you are working. That doesn’t sound fun at all!

In this article, I have only listed opportunities that involve very little interactions with others. If you like to keep your level of business communication to a minimum and still earn a high-paying income then check out the follower’s great jobs for introverts that pay well:

Virtual assistant

Many businesses favor virtual assistants instead of one actually in the office. This is great news as it means finding virtual assistant remote jobs for introverts easily. As a VA (virtual assistant), you work from home and would do a range of tasks such as online research, answering calls/emails, inputting information, creating timetables, ordering stock, and more.

The best thing about these entry level jobs for introverts is that you can start today, all you need is a computer. Platforms such as UpWork allow you to make yourself available for hire. The best part is once you get a virtual assistant job the work tends to be long term and very profitable.

Data entry

Data entry

Can you type fast? If so, you could easily earn an amazing income with these high-paying jobs for introverts doing data entry. Although you don’t need specialized training to do data entry (making it one of the best jobs for introverts with no experience), you should have good typing skills.

Data entry refers to taking printed information, like sales receipts, addresses, or survey responses, and inputting it into a computer (digital form). It could also include scanning documents or transcribing audio files.

Social media manager

If you know the secrets to create an engaging Instagram or Facebook and also building an audience, consider becoming a social media manager. You can quickly find work from home jobs for introverts creating captions, responding to commends, and reporting on social analytics.

To become sought after for these remote jobs for introverts you will need to build a portfolio of clients that you have increased engagement for.

Create and sell artwork (stock)

If you already have skills as a photographer or graphic designer then you can easily make a fortune with these work at home jobs for introverts. Websites such as GraphicRiver and TheHungryJpeg allow you to sell artwork templates you have created.

Anything from graphics, print templates, web elements, vectors, and more. Creating artwork templates that are widely in demand and easily customizable, such as Instagram artwork or PowerPoint templates can turn over a huge profit.

Creating artwork to be sold on a marketplace is different than designing for a specific business. The artwork must be easily adaptable to a wide range of software, and easy for someone to customize. It must also appeal to a larger range of tastes and design styles.

Many people using these part time jobs for introverts, generate six-figures from having a catalog of artwork available to purchase on marketplaces.

User testing

This might be one of the best jobs for introverts with no experience. New websites and apps have bugs, it’s a fact of life. Normally bugs are found by customers who then report the issue to the business. This can not only lead to lost sales but also takes a long time to get rid of all the issues. To make this process quicker and speed up the bug finding, businesses hire user testers.

User testing as one of the part time jobs for introverts on this list means you will test websites and applications for bugs by using them as intended or by carrying out a list of actions a customer is expected to make (eg. add the item to the shopping cart).


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