Top Best Animated Movies

Top Best Animated Movies

Animated movies are mostly liked by the children. Also as most teens and adolescents, we rewatch the classics we grew up with, and also finally pick on references that went over our heads are mostly children. Similarly, as adults, we stare at the recent animated movies in cinemas or on streaming services to remember our childhood and recall the most important moralities and integrity of society.

However, seeing animated movies is both fun and fulfilling. Also, not only are the animation styles continually beautiful but the designs and beliefs are often deeply influential. Because these movies are generally for children. And, also they involve information meant to stimulate an expressive reaction and enlighten an important lesson just similar to books.

Ernest & Celestine

Ernest & Celestine is an amazing animated movie and was also selected for the Best Animated Feature film at the 86th Academy Awards.

Ernest & Celestine is basically about a young mouse named Celestine who resides underground in a world that is full of rodents. In addition, she was an orphan and came to know from her manager that the world above the ground is occupied by bad bears. However, while she desires to be an artist, she is unwilling to the field of dentistry, as all mice are compelled to pursue that career path.

Moreover, while she’s gathering the teeth of bear cubs, a family of bears arrests her and also rushes her into a garbage can. Besides, the next day, a bear named Ernest sees her in the can and tries to eat her. However, after encouraging him not to eat, Celestine supports him in breaking out of a candy shop to satisfy his craving. After that, he is caught by the police, but Celestine also supports him to come out of jail. Moreover, the last part of the film attends to the couple as they struggle to run and protect themselves from the cops.


  • Director: Stephane Aubier, Vincent Patar, and Benjamin Renner
  • Stars: Forest Whitaker, Mackenzie Foy, and Lauren Bacall
  • The Franco-Belgian animated comedy-drama film
  • Running Time: 1h 19min
  • Language: English


  • All-star voice cast
  • Assigned for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
  • Wonderful animation style
  • Gratifying story


  • The plot is sometimes formulated.
  • Adults may feel that the store is real.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet is a heartening story of affection and recognizing others’ differences, with a word that will resound with all critics. Besides, it also encourages watchers to evaluate the consequences of environmental change, protecting animals in zoos for recreation, and overfishing.

Happy Feet infers that each leader penguin has a different “heart song” that corresponds to it to a companion. Moreover, the movie uses traditional songs by Stevie Wonder, Queen, and more, sung by the singer. Besides, a pair of pursuits and tests, yet putting an egg, which is evacuated in the male’s supervision while the female fishes. However, the egg is lowered but hatches naturally. Only when he arrives at school do they feel he’s different, as he cannot sing, but can dance.

The child, called Mumble, is noticed as an outcast by most of the penguin society. However, as he attempts to find himself and his position in the world, he experiences many colourful identities, comprising numerous other varieties of penguins, some of whom recognize him and applaud his special gifts. All the while, Mumble attempts to achieve the devotion and appreciation of a penguin referred to as Gloria, who is the most proficient singer in their group.


  • Director: George Miller
  • Stars: Elijah Wood, Brittany Murphy, and Hugh Jackman
  • The computer-animated musical comedy film
  • Running Time: 1h 48min
  • Language: English


  • All-star singer cast
  • Earned the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
  • Fun soundtrack
  • Appropriate message


  • Some messages are also not acceptable for adolescents.


If you’re seeking an anomalous, courageous animated film, just have a look at Rango.

Rango describes a chameleon house pet, who reveals that he is lost in the Mojave Desert after his terrarium accidentally falls out of his landlord’s car. As he looks for shelter from harmful wasteland buzzards, he convenes an iguana named Beans, who directs him to an Old West town named Dirt. Moreover, striving to combine with the townspeople, the chameleon names himself Rango and determines the persona of a powerful wanderer. In addition, Rango simultaneously reveals himself at likelihood with two criminals, a Gila monster and a rattlesnake, as he is charged by Beans with exploring the dilemma of the town’s nearly-empty water supplies. However, in the end, Rango finds much more about himself and about the modern world he belongs to, and finally attains the appreciation and affection of his new peers.


  • Director: Gore Verbinski
  • Stars: Johnny Depp, Timothy Olyphant, and Isla Fisher
  • The computer-animated Western comedy film
  • Run Time: 1h 47min
  • Language: English


  • All-star singer cast
  • Gained the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
  • Extraordinary belief
  • Great for all ages


  • The first act is also a little bit slow
  • Some indirect risque aspects

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie is watched by both children and adults, especially lovers of the formation toys that so many love and appreciate playing with.

The film is about a regular construction worker named Emmet Brickowski, who comes to know himself as quitting his ordinary world behind. Moreover, he also has bogged down in a fight against a horrible dictator who endangers eradicating everything he’s come to learn and admire. Moreover, the Lego Movie is full of actions, despite its pint-sized main personalities. However, helping Emmet on his idol’s journey is Wyldstyle, a courageous and defiant young opposition warrior, and a commentator of other characters, involving Batman.

However, the Lego Movie is not only funny, but it’s also a family-friendly story of the extent of cooperation, family, and originality.


  • Director: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller
  • Stars: Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, and Elizabeth Banks
  • The computer-animated adventure comedy film
  • Run Time: 1h 40min
  • Language: English


  • All-star mouthpiece cast
  • For lovers of the Lego toys
  • Selected for several awards
  • Funny movie


  • Polarizing expiring
  • Duplicative music

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is a remarkable science tale warfare film.

This film took place during the Cold War and starts up when an object from space wrecks into the ocean off the shore of Marine. In addition, the following day, we greeted a young boy called Hogarth Hughes, who examines and finds out that the object is a 100-foot tall robot. Besides, he instantly serves the Giant, finding that he is unusual, a little clumsy, and very thoughtful. In addition, after a government agent is transmitted to Rockwell to analyze various occurrences about the Giant, then Hogarth persuades a regional beatnik artist called Dean McCoppin to glance after the Giant in his junkyard. Moreover, difficulties ensue as the dealer grows successively sceptical and the military gets implicated, afraid the Giant aims to harm humans.

However, The Iron Giant is an amazing story, also with a genuine and powerful message about lust, and instructing observers to ratify those who are different.


  • Director: Brad Bird
  • Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick, Jr., and Vin Diesel
  • Animated science fiction action film
  • Run Time: 1h 26min
  • Language: English


  • Later collected a devotees
  • Different assumption
  • Decisive statement


  • Some violence may not be acceptable for children.
  • Messages are also too implicating for some children.


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