Top 6 Travel and Luxury Tourism


Forget about cheap and low-cost travel, as this is a fancy item! We have chosen 6 destinations in Europe and for each one, we have selected ten luxury experiences! First, because tourism experiences is high in Europe and then, because even empty wallet, dreaming remains free, right?

1. Luxury tourism DISNEYLAND PARIS

Going to Disney Paris is a unique experience for the young and the old! Now imagine the experience in chic version! We talked about staying at one of the 5-star hotels on the grounds of Disneyland Paris, whose buildings seem to have come out of a fairy tale. But to make this moment a luxury experience for the whole family, opt for a personalized Disney tour where you will hear unique stories about Disney. In addition, you will have privileged access to the attractions, avoiding queues and confusions. It is worth, and it is these experiences for children and adults that never forget!

2. Luxury tourism LONDON

The London Eye is one of London’s top tourist attractions! The views are incredible, and it is a must-see in London tourism. What do you think of jumping in and out of a private podium in the London Eye just for you – and their companions? Another of the best experiences in London, is to fly over the capital in a helicopter. There are private companies that provide this type of experience in London, enjoy!

3. Luxury tourism PARIS

Paris is known for being the fashion capital! So what better experience in Paris than a day of shopping ? In the French capital, there are experiential companies that provide incredible shopping days in Paris, with the right to personal stylist, who accompanies you to the most luxurious shops, where they ensure a personalized treatment – with champagne or a cocktail! Some experiences include a private chauffeur and a luxury car for a tour of the most chic shops in Paris: Channel, Louis Vuitton, Dior or Armani, Avenue Champs-Élysées or Galeries Lafayette!

4. Luxury Tourism MADRID

As in all capitals, if you visit Madrid you can find luxury hotels as well as unique restaurants – and included in the Michelin itineraries in Europe. Our proposal of luxury is a little more daring: what do you think of an exclusive dinner while watching a game of Real Madrid ? In the Santiago Bernabeu stadium complex there are four restaurants overlooking the stadium :Asador da Esquina, Porta 57, Zen Market and the Real Café Bernabéu. One tip, book in advance, because especially on days of derby (Madrid Barcelona or Madrid Atletico de Madrid), restaurants fill up.

5. Luxury tourism ROME

Remember the book that became Liz Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love movie, where she tells how she left a comfortable and safe life in the USA to visit Rome and learn Italian? We propose something like this, but we want it to be a unique and very special experience: learning how to cook Italian food with the best chefs ! And if you do not like the chaos of the city, although in Rome until this is charming, you can always choose to take a cooking course in the field. Take a train in Italy and you will find Italian courses with a stay a few hours from Rome or in the region of Tuscany (where the beautiful Florence is).

6. Luxury tourism BARCELONA

If your favorite sport is football, you can opt for a dinner at the Camp Nou, the stadium of the Barcelona Futebol Club. However, Barcelona has other attractions and luxury experiences to offer to sport lovers. Like to play golf ? Then, half an hour from Barcelona is the Real Club de Golf El Prat, which has already received the Open de España of Golf nine times! If your passion is luxury cars and adrenaline, you can not miss the Formula 1 races at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit.


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