Top 5 Sad Movies On Netflix

Top 5 Sad Movies On Netflix

If you are someone who does not believe in fairy tales and knows that there is always some drastic twist in store, then you must watch sad movies. Many people crave such emotional movies with extraordinary messages hidden in them. Undoubtedly, the awesome collection of Netflix makes you feel lucky about it all the time. It has got some of the best emotional and sad movies in store which can make you want to cry like anything. In case you are confused about it, given below are some of these amazing movies that destroy your tissue boxes. Check them out as early as possible.

1. Remember Me

This is an exceptional movie that will tear your heart apart and will make you want to cry to the fullest. The star cast involves Robert Pattinson, and that is a prime reason for all the girls to fall for this movie. The story is about two people who are recovering from the loss in different ways and by a twist of fate, they end up meeting each other and falling in love. While the guy is going through his brother’s loss and the split of his parents, the girl has taken a lesson from her mother’s murder. Watch the movie to know what happens next.

2. Across the universe

This story is so heart-touching that it reveals that love can exist beyond boundaries and lines of money. This is one of the best movies where a rich American girl falls for a poor but diehard cute artist from Liverpool. It all happens when the great Vietnam war was going on. It all tells how the right love story gets affected due to wrong timing and that is how the plot goes on. The Beatle’s song adds more beauty to it and makes it worth every tear.

3. One Day

This is another best choice for everyone who believes in true friendship over love. Or you can say love through friendship. This is the story about two people who decide to be only friends and do not realize the love fire between them. One day is all about them meeting each other for 20 years on the day of their college graduation. Sometimes it goes high and sometimes low. The end of the story will hit you hard and will leave you stunned so watch it at least once.

4. Million Dollar Baby

This is not a romantic kind of story that will give you the ‘aw’ factor in the end. This is a story of a passionate girl who wants to be a professional boxer. She chooses a reluctant old man to become her trainer and be her guide throughout the way. Finally, she achieves what she wishes for and both the trainer, as well as the trainee, forms a unique bond that is present between a father and a daughter. The man always wished he had the same bond with his daughter and that is how he takes the decision in the end that will leave you awestruck.

5. Becoming Jane

Last but not the least, this is one of the best choices you will ever make about sad movies. This movie is about the rumoured romance of famous love story writer Jane Austen with an Irishman. This is quite relatable that how she managed to write such good love stories without even making much effort. The entire plot is beautifully executed and the end of the story will make you cry like never before.


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