Top 5 Netflix Kids Christmas Movies

Top 5 Netflix Kids Christmas Movies

The Holidays are almost here, and you know what that means! It means it’s time to let the Christmas movie binge watching commence. There are so many great things to watch on Netflix but at this time of year in our house, it is all Christmas, all the time. Being a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam means I am able view screeners before things are released to the public which is a very cool experience. However, one of the best parts of being part of the Netflix team is sharing my favorite Christmas movies with my fellow Netflix fanatics.


I am not sure how much I really have to say about “Elf,” If you haven’t seen it yet… YOU MUST. It is great for kids big and small, of all ages. Heck, sometimes I watch it myself and I like to pride myself on being a pretty adulty adult. I mean Syrup on Spaghetti? Yep. Elf is a feel-good story of an elf that just doesn’t fit in with the other elves at the North Pole, so he sets off to New York to find his real dad and save Christmas with his abundance of Christmas cheer!

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

Classic is the word that comes to mind. I remember watching the Beethoven movies when I was a kid so when we saw that there was a Christmas movie we jumped at the chance to watch it. It was hilarious, and the kids loved it. Give it a chance!

Arthur Christmas

We were very pleasantly surprised with this movie. Not only is it a relatable story but it’s full of funny moments, and life lessons. This movie is an amazing Holiday adventure and not to be missed!

I mean, we all know someone who turns into a Grinch around the Holidays. Invite them over to watch this movie and I am willing to bet their heart will grow two sizes that day! Heartwarming and fun to watch, this movie will quickly become a Holiday tradition.

Frosty the Snowman

A new and updated take on a Holiday classic! It incorporated the grandson of the magician in the original. The kids loved it! They were quite inspired to go out and build a snowman as soon as they could.

There are so many great Kids Christmas movies on Netflix to watch with your family this Holiday season. Grab a big bowl of popcorn and start the Holiday binge watch today!


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