Top 5 low calorie foods

Top 5 low calorie foods

Low calories do not need to be low in nutrients and flavour. Just start adding these foods to your diet. They are calorie-friendly which supports health goals and also aids weight loss.

1. Watercress

You should add this low-calorie vegetable to your diet. A study from the Centre for disease control and prevention has proved that amongst the items which are present in the produce aisle, this particular food is nutrient-dense. This means that the diminutive green rich leaves offer a good amount of nutrients to the body. Just like the other cruciferous vegetables, it is also packed with a lot of antioxidants.

2. Asparagus

Asparagus is known to have detoxifying agents as it contains a high level of amino acid which acts as a diuretic. Thus, it helps in flushing out excess fluids from the system. It is also helpful in speeding up the metabolism. It helps the body in digesting alcohol and various other toxins.
It is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins including Vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, iron, folate, copper, protein, etc. The tender shoots in the vegetable in their natural form taste yummy in salads.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is another low-calorie food. But, it’s always included in the list of superfoods because of a reason. It is not only packed with vitamins, fibre, and minerals, but it also has powerful antioxidants which help in improving the odds of breast cancer survival and also reduce the risks related to colon cancer.
The chemical present in broccoli is responsible for a protective effect known as sulforaphane and it gives a slightly bitter flavour to broccoli.

4. Radish

Offering tempered heat and a great texture to the dishes, radish can prove to be quite stingy when it is about calories. But, it has a good amount of Vitamin C. Our body needs sufficient amounts of Vitamin C for supporting the growth as well as repair of the body tissues including expansion of the muscle mass. Also, the leafy green top, which is also edible contains a low-calorie nutritional windfall.

5. Strawberries

Now available in the market throughout the year, strawberries are not just low in calorie content and high in fats fighting fibre, they are also packed with Vitamin C. Studies have suggested that a high intake of Vitamin C helps in making breathing easier while exercising. Especially for those who are suffering from exercise-induced asthma.
Also, in a 2014 journal of nutritional biochemistry, a study proved that consuming a good amount of strawberries and taking the good amount of antioxidants it contains, helps in keeping the coronary woes in control by improving the blood cholesterol number.
So these are some of the low calories foods which you should include in your diet. They do not just help in keeping your weight in control, but they also have several other benefits related to them.


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