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Horror movies have their own passion in the form of entertainment. They have their own appeal that has never been lost. There is something about getting scared that is enjoyable, though it is hard to explain as you have always in your mind that it is a movie. Filmmakers and story writer keep on searching for new ways and ideas to scare people. It can be story character plot sudden appearance of ghost and many more things. Well everyone has their own taste in comedy as well as horror, maybe some find the given movie’s horror. Whereas some may not. So there are some movies that are horror as well as Scary also. Below given are the top 5 horror movies.

1. Session 9

The top on the list of top 5 horror movies is Session 9. This one gets a lot of different reactions from people, and is much more of a psychological horror movie than Inside. The movie follows a team of cleaners contracted to get rid of the asbestos in an abandoned insane asylum. With not much time to complete their task, the team frantically works through the days while clashing personalities causes infighting. Things change when they come across tapes interviewing a particular patient who suffers from multiple personality disorder. What’s so terrifying about the movie is the slow build in the interviews toward the final, and most disturbing, personality named “Simon” who’s responsible for some grizzly actions. The movie is rife with twists and turns and is probably most notable for David Caruso of CSI: Miami fame cussing out one of his coworkers. If you’re looking for something a little on the cerebral side of horror this Halloween, give Session 9 a shot.

2. The Exorcist

In the top 5 horror movies list, this is at second number. It’s hardly a surprise with this one. The Exorcist has made countless “Scariest Movies of All Time” lists, and there’s a reason for that. The story of a girl who is possessed by a demon/the devil, and the priests who are trying to save her, has imagery and scenes so frightening, that some folks literally thought the movie itself was possessed and anyone who watched it was cursed. What’s so great and scary about the film is the otherworldly aspects of so much of it. From the possessed girl’s appearance and voice to the split-second glimpse of the demon itself to the overall layout of the story, The Exorcist is a movie that did things that no other movie before it had even dreamed of doing. It created an entirely new brand of horror in “exorcism” movies and we’ve been getting a steady stream of them ever since.

3. Annabelle Creation

It is one of the most famous and well knows horror movies of recent. This movie has a lot of horror reactions from people all over the world. So how it can be away from the top 5 horror movies list. The dreaded doll that we first saw in The Conjuring got its origin story in Annabelle: Creation. While the film had plotting problems, it did get the horror quotient right. David F. Sandberg is undeniably good in that aspect. It is clear that creepy-looking dolls are not going out of fashion in horror cinema anytime soon. Annabelle: Creation borrows heavily from modern Spanish horror movies – movies like El Orfanato, Los Ojos de Julia – which is fortunate, because modern American horror movies are (usually) the pits

4.The Conjuring

The Conjuring and its sequels are one of the most horrible considered movies all over the world. Truth be told, it’s a little tough to take a movie seriously that goes by the pretence of “Based on a true story…Oh! And also, the ghost was a witch!” Luckily, this recent addition to my list was helmed by director James Wan, who had also directed both Insidious films, Dead Silence, and the original Saw, so he knows what he’s doing. The film revolves around a family in the 1970s moving to a new home that happens to be haunted by some less-than-friendly ghosts. The story is rife with horror imagery including scary dolls, hanging corpses, exorcisms, and other scenes that will make your hair stand on end. One of the main strengths of the movie is that the characters are well developed and generally likeable, so you’re able to feel scared for them.

5. Mom And Dad

Mom and Dad is at the 5 no of the top 5 horror movies list. We’ve all see horror movies in which kids lose their minds and start attacking their parents. Now we have the reverse. In Mom and Dad, a mysterious ailment makes caregivers want to kill their own children. It’s a gruesome joke, and fortunately, Cage and Blair are in on it. Whether the film goes too far with this premise, or plays it a little too safe, is up to the viewer, but it’s certainly an entertaining dark comedy-horror combo.

The Above gives are among the best-rated top 5 horror movies and if you are a fan of horror movies then these movies are for you.

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