Top 3 places to visit for a family vacation

Top 3 places to visit for a family vacation

Travelling with kids is no easy feat. You have endless check-boxes to tick, a lot of planning, packing, and most importantly, choose a destination that’s kid-friendly.

Why just kids, when it comes to family vacations, it could also mean taking along your elderly parents, who have worked hard all their lives, and finally have found some time to relax.

If you are planning a family vacation, you must be wondering where you could go?

There is nothing to worry and get stressed about as these days there are a host of vacation spots that have cropped up and are popular for being family friendly. They have every facility that a family seeks for when relaxing in the arms of nature.

From all-inclusive senior-citizen friendly resorts to kids-friendly zones loaded with activities for children, and starlit skies where you can dine with your spouse, the options are aplenty.

However, a wholesome travel experience calls for a considerable expense, especially with the entire family travelling. And you certainly don’t want to eat into your savings to finance your vacation. So, how do you go about?

Worry not about funding your travel as with institutions such as Tata Capital offering easy personal loans for travel, funding your travel is just a child’s play. This kind of personal loans, also known as travel loans come at easy repayment tenures and are at least three to four times cheaper than credit cards. So, if you had been thinking of swiping your credit card to buy air tickets and make hotel bookings, stop right away. Instead, opt for a travel loan that’s a far more cost-effective way to fund your holiday.

What’s more, with travel loan you will also have enough cash in hand to eat, shop, go out sightseeing, buy local bus, train, museum, theater tickets and fund a host of other expenses without having to pay off the entire money spent in one month as in case of a credit card. You can pay off the personal loan for travel in two, three or five years as you wish.

To decide how much travel loan you must apply for, do the math by adding up the airfare of all the family members, visa costs, hotel accommodation cost, insurance, cost of eating three meals a day for the entire family, shopping and recreation, sightseeing and any other foreseeable expense that you can think of.

Okay, now that your money woes are all sorted, let’s explore a few destinations where you can take off with your family:

Snorkeling in the Hawaii islands

If snorkeling is something you have always loved to do as a family, then Hawaii islands is the place to be. Some of the best snorkeling experiences can be found around all the islands here. It might come at a steep price but why worry when you are armed with a travel loan. Simply hop aboard a ribcraft and head to snorkel spots. Watch Hawaiian spinner dolphin’s jump out of the water. If your kids or your parents are prone to seasickness, worry not, there’s help. Some of the best resorts here have ocean alternatives in form of huge ponds. It’s as good as swimming in a huge aquarium. The ponds feature tropical fish of different species. And if your kids (or adults) hate the snorkel gear, there is nothing to worry. Resorts here have special kickboards with transparent windows through which one can view colorful fish without even having to get fully immersed. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Safaris in Africa

Safaris always top the bucket list of a family vacation. After all, there is no bigger thrill than watching wild animals out in the open. It’s a favorite among all — from toddlers to teenagers and even senior citizens. Masai Mara National Park, situated in south-west Kenya, is one of Africa’s greatest Wildlife Reserves.

There is an extensive list of safaris to choose from. You must inquire in advance on two or three, and wait to hear from them. Namibia also continues to be a popular family destination. The exciting terrains alongside well-paved roads through local communities and the city of Windhoek gives a peek into the art and history of the country, which families love to soak up. Both Masai Mara and Namibia are places that you can explore even on a short visit, say in a day or two’s trip. In Namibia, you can go around the desert, a self-drive safari in Etosha National park, a stay in tents in the camp, and maybe to visit one of the best conservation parks. Calculate the cost of all this while computing for your travel loan before you head out for the trip.

Carefree Costa Rica

Guess why Costa Rica is emerging as a favourite family vacation spot? There is a certain sense of safety that seems to have picked up among people who visit this place. As a result, there is a lot of word of mouth family-to-family promotion. Add to that a huge number of direct flights to this place which has made it a hot favourite among the young and old alike. After all convenience matters.

In Costa Rica, there is something to do for every member of the family whatever be the age. Say, for instance, grandparents can walk down the lush parklands while kids zip past through the canopy. You can take a plunge in the pools or surf the coast. From watching volcanoes to beaches and guess what, even giant turtles to soaring birds, your family will have a whole of things to do. Eat seafood delicacies to your heart’s content, and soak up the happy life.

There’s no need to think about expenses because your travel loan has got it all covered.


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