This list includes my FAVOURITE TV shows to Binge-watch! If you’re an avid binge-watcher like me, then you’ve probably watched all these shows… but there’s nothing wrong with watching them more than once right?

However, you may be pleasantly surprised and see a show here that you’ve not yet watched… or perhaps you haven’t joined the dark side yet aka binge-watching shows. Whatever the case may be… ENJOY!

P.s. These are not in rank order..that just would NOT be fair…or possible.


Gossip girl is one of the BEST SHOWS EVER. Seriously.

If you haven’t watched it then you NEED to stop what you’re doing and watch it right now. If you haven’t heard of this show before or at least seen the dramatic Chuck and Blair gifs on your timeline then you must be living under a rock!! In short, (trying to reveal as little as possible) Gossip girl is about privileged teens/adults who live on the Upper East Side, New York and there’s a ‘site’ called ‘Gossip Girl’ which documents their every move… mainly scandals i.e DRAMA!! publicly for the whole world to read. I still have an emotional attachment to this show, it’s very intense— strongly recommend you watch it! There’s also really hot eye candy too.


Seriously, WATCH THIS SHOW. I started watching it less than two weeks ago and I’m almost done with Season three. Teen Wolf is funny, action-packed and thrilling all at the same time. In short, it’s about werewolves being hunted, fighting battles and relationships… hard to summarize without ruining it but WATCH IT ALREADY.


This show is OMG! If you watch it before you watch Teen Wolf, then you’ll feel weird about hunters when you come to watch Teen Wolf. (If you know then you know). Sam and Dean, as shown above, are hunters who protect people from things that go bump in the night e.g. ghosts, vampires, and demons. No biggie. I loved this show so much that when I took my exams I had to ban myself from watching the show…but then that never worked because I just ended up watching PLL instead (lol). Seriously you MUST MUST MUST watch this show, even if you don’t think you’re into supernaturalist stuff.. give it a chance! It was fun, but quite the challenge to catch up with 11 seasons, but worth it!


I would binge-watch up to 10 episodes of this show even on some SCHOOL NIGHTS. I’d marathon watch this show every single day! As with Gossip Girl, I developed an emotional attachment to Pretty Little Liars. Do you think you have a lot of seasons to catch up with? Do NOT let this deter you from watching the show, those seasons will fly by! Pretty Little Liars is a show that gives you more questions than answers, with major drama and involves a ton of murders. Don’t underestimate this show as some generic teen show, because if you do you’ll be in for a shock. I HAVE WARNED YOU NOW.


Let me start by saying how FLAWLESS Shonda Rhimes is! She is the producer of this show, she is a genius. TBH I don’t even know where to start because HTGAWM is such an amazing show. As soon as you press play you will be ADDICTED. I watched season one in 3 days and this included going to school every day. Seriously when you watch this show sleep. does not. exist. I’m currently waiting for the show to come back from its mid-season break in Season 2. The show is so good that I couldn’t even wait to accumulate more episodes to marathon watch it. The title of the show kind of explains what it’s about… I’m not even going to give you a summary because that’s how good the show is. JUST WATCH IT.


Shonda Rhimes as mentioned above is the creator of the show Scandal. WOW, this show is just wow. You’ll go through so many emotions whilst watching. It’s sensational, romantic and crazy all in one. Olivia Pope, a PR guru in political affairs gets ‘involved’ with the President. (See what I did there? haha. ok no.) and has an evil dad. Yeah, you NEED to watch the show, defo binge-worthy!


Ok so if you love music and drama then watch this show (the songs are amazing).  Essentially it’s about the characters fighting over the music and entertainment company ‘Empire entertainment’ and involves the odd murder or two. Calm. The show involves the themes such as relationships and betrayal. This show is super entertaining I watched the first season in less than a week and Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) is super sassy in pretty much every episode which makes the show 10x better! You’ll see so many familiar faces on this show, it’s a show that you must watch.


When I started this, I stopped watching all the other shows I was watching to focus on this show. I can’t even put into words or emphasise how amazing this show is! It’s hard to even explain what this show is about as it’s an anthology horror series i.e. there’s a completely new storyline each season and the characters play new roles… there’s a new concept every season and you will never get bored! My favourite seasons were seasons 1 and 3. I strongly recommend that you watch this show.


This show is strange but in a really interesting way. The majority of the time whilst watching the show, you’ll have no idea what’s going on..but it all ties together eventually in the end. It’s a cross between science-fiction and the supernatural. It’s great, but weird, but great all at the same time. It’s pretty hard to explain what it’s about but I’ll leave you with this description… characters are involved in a major plane crash, their plane disappears and they end up on an Island. Yeah. Just watch the show, even if you think science-fictiony stuff is not your thing! Remembering the show makes me want to watch it all over again…


This show is comical and full of drama! It’s centred around the main character Piper Chapman and the other female inmates in a women’s federal prison. This show opens your eyes to the injustices faced in prison as you follow the emotions of the characters, and see how they’re denied even basic human rights! Aside from that the show, in my experience, is quite different to other shows and you should watch it.


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