Rome travel guide

Rome travel guide

One of the best tourist destinations in the world is Rome.  This famous city of Italy is known for its famous Rome attractions. If you visit Italy, you would likely want to have a glimpse of what Italy, specifically Rome, can offer.  Rome is a beautiful city in the European region that can offer so many great attractions that you would surely enjoy.

When you visit Rome, you will surely be amazed at how these tourist spots have been neatly preserved and conserved for the coming generations.  The beauty of these Roman artefacts remains to be wonderful resources of Italy and the world. To appreciate the Rome attractions better let us have a clearer glimpse of what they are and what they represent in world history.

The Great Colosseum of Rome

This is considered the largest building structure in Rome where the great histories of Italy reside.  When you visit this Rome attraction, you can have a clearer perspective of how Romans are passionate about large structures and architecture.

Although this great attraction of Rome is merely representing the famed history of Italy and Rome, once you have a close encounter with the ruins of the Colosseum, your history travel is likely to be complete and essential.

The St. Peter’s Basilica – Center of the Christian Dominion in Rome

This attraction in Rome is where you can strengthen your spiritual and Christian ties within yourself.  The St. Peter’s Basilica is the landmark of Rome that spells much about the involvement of the country in propagating Christianity in the city.

The Trevi Fountain

This is believed to be the most beautiful fountain structure that Rome has ever built.  If you are a firm believer in customs and traditions, the Trevi Fountain is said to be bringing good luck and allow you to come back to Rome should you toss a coin on the fountain. When you visit this tourist spot of Rome, you will be met by several other foreigners who are also wishing for some good luck in their life.

The Spanish Square of Rome

When you come and visit Rome, you cannot miss taking a look at this tourist destination.  The Spanish Square has the Spanish Steps which is the dwelling place of most common people in Italy.

This is also considered the meeting place for all people who just want to relax and unwind. This attraction in Rome is significant to more Spanish people because this was at one time considered Spanish territory.  The place gives you an air of a relaxed and happy mood.

Rome attractions are bountiful and plenty.  When you plan to make Italy your prime destination, you cannot afford to miss all the other attractions and spots that Rome has specifically the EUR, Janiculum, Pantheon and a lot more.  You have to make sure though that you create the perfect itinerary before you visit this country. It works best if you have a tour plan to carry with you.


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