List Of Best Movies Franchise Of All Time

List Of Best Movies Franchise Of All Time

Over the decade several companies are trying several companies trying to build a Movies Franchise over a primary hit movie, few succeed, few fail and few created history. We are coming up with the list of the most successful franchise franchises in the Universe.


Its first movie, Iron Man released in 2008 hit the box office like a storm and garnered huge love from fans all over the globe. The Franchise started its journey to becoming the most successful Franchise in the world. With over 23 movies released and many under production, Marvel Universe is not putting a stop to its growth. With the recent release of the most anticipated movie of the decade Avenger: End Game  became the most grossing movie ever. The franchise also earns a large sum with its merchandise selling all over the world.


Star Wars is an epic space adventure franchise which had its first movie released in 1977 and quickly became an instant worldwide hit. There was a time when everyone was talking about Jedi & Yoda, those laser swords. It was an epic era. With nine main films released, few spin-offs and still many more to come. Star Wars is still expanding its presence beyond the Galaxy.


James Bond franchise is based on a British agent who goes beyond limits to save the world. It was created in 1962 with its  Dr No which becDramefirestickbecamehian is its action sequences. James bond Franchise is always famous for its action sequence, gadgets and cars. With the question “Who will be the next Bond?” Daniel Craig’s last Bond movie “No Time To Die” is scheduled to  release by the end of 2020. James Bond movies have always amazed us with itstheirir plot and intelligent screenplay & best action sequences.


This franchise took us on a magical ride to the Hogwarts school. This series is based on books written by J.K.Rowling. The movies also proved profitable just as one book like the release of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” in 2001. The Last part of this amazing franchise “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: part 2” brought in the biggest profit. The world of witchcraft and Wizardry was reincarnated in the name of the Fantastic Beasts and where to find their heirs series, which is on its way to forming another successful franchise.


This series just took down the world by surprise with its world of Dinosaurs which was loved globally. With its first part directed by Steven Spielberg Jurassic Park was released in 1993 and considered one of the biggest grosser of that decade. With just 5 movies to this franchise and one in production, this franchise is still known as the best.


Fast and Furious is an adrenaline-fueled franchise consisting of the main 8 movies and one spin-off with Hobbs and Shaw in 2019. The success of this Franchise came as a surprise for the producers who never meant to build a franchise, but the fame this movie garnered made it to the list. This franchise has everything from the action-packed screenplay, emotional twists, friendship, and betrayal- everything cine-fanatic love about movies. With another two movies under production, the race looks never-ending.


This Franchise also belongs to Marvel but it has gained its separate spot in the industry with many box office runners such as Deadpool. With 12 movies released and one on its way to, the screens in 2021hitting, this franchise has a separate fan base in terms of superheroes. Wolverine and Deadpool are the most loved characters in this amazing franchise.


Unlike other franchises in this list, DC Extended Universe had its first movie released in this decade – Man of Steel in 2013. The most loved and profitable movie of this franchise is Wonder Woman which took this Universe to the next level and with the likes of Aquaman and Shazam shows they are on the rise to become a competition to Marvel. With seven movies released and one under production, DC is most likely registering its place in the world of superheroes.


Captain Jacksparrow is undoubtedly one of the most loved characters in the cine world. These movies take us to the glorious adventure of the infamous pirate Captain Jacksparrow and his adventures to the ends of the world. With its primary release “Pirates of the Caribbean- The Curse of Black Pearl” it attained a huge profit and a fantabulous fan base. With just 5 movies to its arsenal the hitting, things franchise has managed to create huge respect and recognition in the industry.


Mission Impossible is the American version of James Bond played by Tom Cruise as the IMF agent Ethan Hunt who goes beyond borders in hunting down criminals and saving the world from, viruses or bombs. What makes it so special is its intelligent screenplay and the witty Ethan Hunt’s action sequence- may it be jumping off Burj Khalifa, hanging outside a flying plane, killer bike chase – the list goes on. With the craziest action sequences, Mission Impossible make its way to our list.



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