List Of Best Heist Movies Of All Time

List Of Best Heist Movies Of All Time

A Mastermind, a group of con artists, a flawless plan, lifetime settlement – it’s the world of heist films, where we often root for the thieves. We bring you the best Heist movies on Netflix, Amazon & many others.

HEAT (1995)

IMDB: 8.2

A professional robber considers getting out of the business after pulling one last heist, but they are on the run when an over-obsessive cop is on their trail. The Heat delivers a compelling performance from its star cast, Al Pacino, playing the cope & Robert De Niro playing the robber. Heat is a brilliantly crafted crime robbery film by Director Michael Mann. The intense screenplay really stirs up the heat till the end. Undoubtedly one of the best & realistic heist movies.


IMDB: 7.6

Director Spike Lee’s Inside man feature’s a volatile showdown between a mastermind band robber and a determined cop. Both their plans turn south when a renowned broker steps in to take control of the situation. Inside Man is a Witty thriller with unexpected plot twists which will turn the whole premise upside down. The mastermind behind the heist gives you similar vibes to another mastermind- Professor from Money Heist.


IMDB: 8.5

A lonely survivor of an explosion of a ship leaving many dead and disappearing millions worth of cocaine is summoned to a police station for investigation meets four petty criminals in the station and decides to pull a small jewel heist. Their plan goes well without an itch, they escape to L. An unknowing what awaits fr them. The Usual Suspect provides a simple plot surrounded by piles of twists & layers of deceit. The aftermath of the heist will go beyond imagination.

THE TOWN (2010)

IMDB: 7.5

A Boston crew robber holds the hostage of the manager while robbing the bank and in their escape. Later they figure out the manager is someone from their neighbourhood, the crew sets out a plan to approach the lady manager and seeks out if she remembers them. Soon Ben Affleck the leader of the crew falls in love with the manager and struggles to balance his feelings when a cop is on their trail. Ben Affleck proved his skills in Directing with this remarkable heist movie.


IMDB: 7.6

A talented, young getaway driver Baby is forced to work for a crime boss in order to repay the debt he owed. A well-planned heist turns south when they encounter undercover cops. His life, love and freedom are threatened when the cops and crime boss are on his trail. Baby Driver is one of the entertaining thrill heist movies with an amazing soundtrack, totally enjoyable watch.


IMDB: 7.7

Danny Ocean a professional con artist assembles a team of 10 con artists to rob a vault of the most famous casino in Las Vegas which is run by his rival. Ocean’s eleven is a fast-paced witty entertaining flick with a star-studded performance. It’s the perfect example of a perfectly planned heist. It is one of the best Heist movies and its sequels lived up to their names.



When a team of high-class thieves pulls a perfectly planned heist, they are betrayed by their own members which leads to their leader’s death. Set to seek revenge the team hire’s the leader’s daughter and plans a perfect gold heist against their former ally. The Italian Job succeeds in delivering a witty heist movie with an adrenaline-paced screenplay.


IMDB: 7.6

Two Texas brothers- one a divorced father and another an ex-con are forced to take in desperation when the bank seizes their land under their nose. Filled with rage the duo robs the Bank thinking it is the fair thing to do to save their land until they notice a Texas Ranger is on the hunt for them. It’s a fantastic western-themed heist movie with cowboys robbing a bank.


IMDB: 7.2

Jason Statham a car dealer with a criminal past is approached by a woman from his past with leads to robbing a bank in London. He recognizes the opportunity of a lifetime. When the perfectly planned heist goes well and they get their hands on safety deposit boxes, they recognize the boxes contain more than just money or gold, it contains secret, total corruption of London’s Underworld crime organization. Secrets that suck their blood out dry. It’s a tight entertaining British heist thriller.

WIDOWS (2018)

IMDB : 6.9

Widows is the story of four women with nothing in common except the debt left behind by their dead husband, who died in a police shootout. The widows set to take matters into their own hands by executing the heist husbands planned. From the Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen (12 years Slave) the Widows is an exceptionally well-executed emotional thriller heist movie.



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