Chicago Travel Guide

Chicago Travel Guide

Here are some recommended attractions one should take some time out to come and see when visiting the enigmatic city of Chicago.

Sears Tower

Undoubtedly one of the most recognizable landmarks throughout the whole of Chicago, the sears tower is a remarkable structure built with great ingenuity and skill. Rising to a dizzying height of 1,450 feet, this building held the title of being the tallest in the world until the Petronas towers of Malaysia and the more recently built Taipei 101 overtook the record. The views available from the 103rd-floor sky deck are truly spectacular and can offer views of Chicago spanning up to fifty miles on clear days. With a selection of fine restaurants in this building, interactive exhibitions, historical monuments and exhilarating elevator rides, the Sears Tower in Chicago promises to deliver a truly fun day out for the whole family.

Millennium Park

The Millennium Park was initially planned to be built in the year 1997 to provide some greenery amongst the hustle and bustle of daily Chicago life. Spread over a huge area of land covering almost 25 acres, this park is full of activities, events and all-around entertainment. With everything on offer from Ice skating and dining out to listening to live orchestral music and admiring the work displayed in public art galleries, the Millennium Park is one of the finest projects in the world. With amazing landscapes to peruse and modern art structures to marvel at, Millennium Park is a place one should set aside some time to come and see.

Navy Pier

Navy Pier is a veritable wonderland of activities and entertainment ideal for a fun day out for the whole family. Enjoy numerous activities, from the Navy Pier Park, where you can take the 150-foot Ferris wheel ride, to the Imax theatre, where you can enjoy watching 3d movies on the gigantic 60 by 80 ft ‘Big Screen’. Explore the family pavilion where numerous interactive displays are on offer helping people learn about the city around them, or simply sit down for a lovely meal at one of the dozens of restaurants and eateries available on the site. Another activity you could undertake is jumping on a boat trip to see Chicago from the majestic lake Michigan. Choose from high-powered speedboats, cruise boats or nighttime firework cruisers. The fireworks are seasonal from May to September but offer great displays set against the awesome Chicago skyline.

Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the oldest Zoos established in the united states of America. It was established in the year 1868 and is one of the most visited attractions in the whole of Chicago. It manages to attract over three million visitors annually. The major attraction of the Zoo is the ability to get quite close to the animals due to the compact layout of the site. There are a wide variety of animals to come and see and numerous little rides to enjoy including the swan boat ride, carousel rides and train rides. Admission to the zoo is completely free, however, a small fee is charged for undertaking some of the other events within the grounds.

The Art Institute of Chicago

For the art lovers amongst you, visiting the Art Institute of Chicago is a must. It houses some of the globe’s finest art collections, particularly from the African and American Indian Cultures. More than 130, 000 architectural drawings are stored here as well as 25, 000 European artefacts spanning from the medieval period to the last century. The modern art section holds 1, 500 paintings and monuments on display covering all the major art movements established within the last few decades. There is a museum shop to peruse within the building alongside a coffee shop and a restaurant.

So there you have it, five recommended attractions whilst in the windy city. The list is not exhaustive by any means but succeeds in giving a small snapshot of available activities within the wonderful city of Chicago.


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