Best Romantic Movies in Hollywood

Best Romantic Movies in Hollywood

Here are some of the best romantic movies in Hollywood which you’re going to fall in love with. These are really some incredible masterpiece in love story which can give you a goose bump. It shows affection, love, romance and overall best entertainment of all time.

So let’s begin.

1. Titanic

Year: 1997

Genre: Romance/Drama

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet…

Director: James Cameron

The legend love story of Jack and Rose was in everyone’s Heart. Some people say that this is the best love story of world which has a tragic ending and it shows the real meaning of love. Jack was living his life thinking of the luckiest person in the Titanic ship. He got to met Rose and fall in love with her. And the story goes on as the featured song of that movie: My heart will go on. This movie comes under best romantic movies of all time.

2. 50 first date

Year: 2004

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Cast: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore…

Director: Peter Segal

Henry Roth is a playboy and also works as zookeeper who has wish to visit around the world with his boat. One day he met Lucy, a girl who has a terrible past, he fell in love with her and try to make impress her. And finally he got the chance to talk with Lucy. Onward he’s trying several ways to make Lucy to fall in with him.

3. Passenger

Year: 2016

Genre: Sci-fi/Romance

Cast: Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence…

Director: Morten Tyldum

Leaving the earth, some passenger went through the spaceship to start their travel to another world situated several light years ahead from our earth. But unfortunately, one of their passenger come out from the capsule he slept due to some technical fault. And not only him but also one girl has broken out from the capsule and by staying there they fell in love with each other. They lived there for 60 years with each others.

4. Love Rosie

Year: 2014

Genre: Romance/Rom-Com

Cast: Lily Collins, Sam Caflin …

Director: Cristian Ditter

Rosie, a small town girl becomes a single mom, and he grows up the child and after a while he come to meet her childhood friend and their love story continues. But suddenly she found that her friend is married and not happy with that girl. So he’s trying to moved in with her after being separated for several years they found to be got themselves. Oh! What a masterpiece of the best romantic movies. This is the best love story movie I have ever seen in my life. We really learned a lot from independent girl Rosie.

5. Me before you

Year: 2016

Genre: Romance/Drama

Cast: Slam Claflin, Emilia Clarke…

Director: Thea Sharrock

This movie is based on a bestselling Novel “Me Before You” and its all-time super hit in romantic thriller. The bonding between a care taker and a paralyzed man really takes the plot to the next level imagination. How they bond with each other in a small span of time. This is the best romantic movies of all time since it describe that how a love relationship should be.

6. Friends with benefits

Year: 2011

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Cast: Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake…

Director: Will Gluck

Have you ever heard about a relationship where love, emotions and affection is banished?  This romance +plus comedy movie show you a really cool relationship where each other never getting serious. They also have permission to cheat on them. Isn’t it crazy? So be prepared for the amazing romedy movies which can give you a hidden smile in your lips. It is one of the best romantic movie as well as people using the movie title as a phrase.

7. I still believe

Year: 2020

Genre: Romance/Drama

Cast: KJ Apa, Brit Robertson…

Directors: Andrew Erwin, John Erwin

Warning!!!……Warning!!! This movie can bring your tears down. This is based upon a true story and best romantic movies. Such an amazing movie that implies what is the real meaning of love. A musician fell in love with a girl whose family members don’t support their love. This explains how their story of love came to finale stage after a lot of tries, is unbelievable. But as the title suggest: I STILL BELIEVE.

8. Seven Pounds

Year: 2008

Genre: Drama/Romance

Cast: Will Smith, Rosario Dawson…

Director: Gabriele Muccino

Sacrifice has great place in heaven and beyond that REGRET is the greatest thing in Universe. Will Smith had nailed it. There is no big punishment than regret. So if you have done anything wrong don’t just confess it, but do regret to make right thing. This movie is the best romantic movies that example of sacrifice yourself for others and how you can make others’ life brighter. Watch this and comment us below what you think about this movie. This is a masterpiece and the production company thanks to Will Smith to do this movie. This movie also categorized as Best Hollywood movie of all time.

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