Barack Obama named his favorite TV shows of 2020

Barack Obama

Barack Obama named his favorite TV shows of 2020

Barack Obama has named the TV series he enjoyed watching in 2020, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The former US president said that he spends a lot of time writing his memoirs “A Promised Land”, and television series help him to relax.

According to Obama, the best TV shows of 2020 were Better Call Saul (strong characters and exploration of the dark side of the American Dream), In a Better World (a wise and sweet combination of goofy comedy and philosophy), and Watchmen and Boys “because in superman stories they raise questions about race, capitalism, corporate power, and the media.

He also added that he enjoyed watching basketball games.

Showrunner and Boys creator Eric Kripke tweeted Barack Obama for such a comment, and actress D’Arcy Cardin from A Better World wrote that she “literally collapsed on the floor when she learned that the former president liked the show.”



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