Bank of Italy: public debt rises to 2,582 billion


Bank of Italy, new record of public debt: it rises to 2,582 billion


It is a new record for the Italian public debt. According to data released by the Bank of Italy, at the end of September the debt of the public administrations amounted to 2,582.6 billion, an increase of 3.8 billion compared to the previous month.

Bank of Italy, then, in the statistical publication “Public finance: borrowing requirement and debt” reports that the borrowing requirement for the month was only partially offset by the reduction in the Treasury’s liquidity and the effect of the spreads and premiums on issue and redemption, the revaluation of inflation-linked securities and the change in exchange rates (which reduced the debt by 0.8 billion overall).

With reference to the breakdown by subsectors, the debt of the central government increased by 4.4 billion, while that of the local government decreased by 0.6 billion; the debt of the social security institutions remained essentially stable. Compared to the previous month, the average residual life of the debt remained substantially stable, amounting to 7.2 years. The share of the debt held by the Bank of Italy increased by 0.4 percentage points to 20.5 per cent.


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