Alexander Zverev fights to win against Schwartzman


Zverev fights to win against Schwartzman


Alexander Zverev won his second group game at the ATP Finals in London and is still in the running for a place in the knockout phase.

On Wednesday afternoon the German number one won the tournament of the best eight players of the season against the Argentinian Diego Schwartzman.

At the beginning, Zverev had received a clear bankruptcy against Daniil Medvedev. Which was mainly due to its shaky service. That looked much more stable against Schwartzman. Zverev didn’t need any outstanding performance to keep the world ranking ninth in check. If there had been another bankruptcy, the chances of advancement would have been only theoretical.

Now everything depends on the last group game on Friday. Then the hamburger meets number one in the world, Novak Djokovic.

Which result Zverev has to achieve in order to move into the semifinals either as first or second in the group initially depends on the duel between Medvedev and Djokovic, which takes place on Wednesday evening.

In the best case, Zverev would already be enough to lose a narrow margin against “Djoker”. Then he would have to rely on the help of the practically eliminated Schwartzman against Medvedev. Because: The number of sets and games won in a match are decisive in a direct comparison.


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