A Bluetooth Headset for Your Motorcycle


A Bluetooth Headset for Your Motorcycle


Considering the safety, it is not the best option to get distracted from the road, and especially when riding a motorcycle your brain should always and in any case be concentrated on the road itself, and never break away from it. Yet, it can be understood that, especially for very long journeys, the need to have a telephone or to listen to music becomes essential, and therefore also the opportunity of having a bluetooth headset can be useful.

And in fact, having a cable that gets twisted between your arms and ear while driving could be an even greater risk. Therefore, if you really need a motorcycle bluetooth headset to be inserted in your helmet, get informed and evaluate if you are able to ride your motorbike and answer the phone, or listen to music, without losing your focus so much that you risk having bad and unpleasant consequences.

It is also important that the bluetooth headset model you are going to choose is equipped with compact dimensions, so that you can enter the helmet without effort and without the risk of bothering or hurting you during your motorcycle trip.


Always put the safety on the first place

This must remain your first priority: if something that seems appropriate or useful becomes such as to compromise your safety, then you must certainly go without it. Never risk putting this or that situation in danger just to alleviate your needs or, worse, for a mere whim. Safety always comes first, so stay away from unnecessary risks.

From this point of view, if you think that listening to and answering a phone call, or that listening music at full volume from your mp3 while driving, are activities that endanger the stability of your riding, then back off and don’t carry on.


Which Motorcycle bluetooth headset is the best and which one to choose?

If you are considering the idea of buying a bluetooth headset for motorcycles, or a couple, to communicate with a passenger, listen to music or follow the navigator’s instructions, then you are in the right place!

Here we will discuss the best motorcycle bluetooth headset currently in circulation. Obviously, there is no universal criterion to judge one product over another, so always keep your needs in mind before choosing which one to buy.

Yet, before choosing a motorcycle headset, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need the intercom to communicate exclusively with the passenger or others riding other motorcycles?
  • Do you need only to answer calls and listen to music while riding?
  • How many people does the group usually consist of?
  • What’s the available budget for me?

This way you will be better prepared to evaluate available options in the market.

EyeRide: Let’s start with EyeRide Head up Display. This device not only allows you to interact with the passengers, and/or other motorcycle riders, answer the calls, listen to the music, but also works with all types of GPS navigation apps.

But the most importantly, EyeRide is a unique headset that also includes a head up display in it, which allows you to have the map of the road in front of your eyes.

Excelvan: If you are looking for an intercom for motorcycles under 100 euros, then this is the one for you. It is designed for passengers and pilots who wish to have a chat on the way. It has a range of 1200 meters and a good autonomy. In short, the inexpensive bluetooth headset for excellence.

Interphone Tour: Those who opt for this product will discover a new way to travel. In the sense that it will allow riders to share the journey with all the friends by exchanging two clarifications, music and opinions, without ever taking the hands off the handlebar.

The use is simple and intuitive. It is equipped with voice commands, GPS, the call function, to listen and share music but also to be in conference with four users at the same time. The range is about 1500 meters and automatically reconnects to the associated devices, once inside the range.


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