7 Most Fashionable Celebrities

7 Most Fashionable Celebrities

If we had a dollar for every time we look for the most fashionable celebrities, we’ll be filthy rich now. The thing is, if you want to look awesome, you need to keep in line with the latest.

Whether you’re into the latest street fashion or all you want is to look good, you need a great example.
All you have to do to get your dose of fashion inspiration is look at the most fashionable celebrities. It’s not all about what they wear. It’s about how they wear it.

In this list, we’ll talk about 7 of the most fashionable celebrities. We’ll put out our top picks for the best-dressed celebrities and why they deserve our admiration.

1. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o has become a trailblazer in every movie that she does. Another awesome thing about the Black Panther star is her style. Whether you’re in your 20’s or in your 40’s, Lupita’s makes her one of the most fashionable celebrities.

So, what gives Lupita her fashionista looks? It’s all in how she plays around with colors. Her style’s as easy as getting cash from credit card suppliers too.

What we love about her fashion sense are her bodacious color choices. She goes all out with every hairstyle and it’s getting crazier, in a good way. She likes using colors in contrast to her sharp silhouette.

2. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is making waves the past couple of years. She’s making a killing right now with every appearance that she does.

What we adore about this Indian beauty queen is her class. Whenever we look at her, she’s always gorgeous and classy with her timeless styles. Underneath all the class is a savant when it comes to fashion.

She knows her colors, even when she wears casual. Even when she wears something not red carpet level, Priyanka looks like a diamond.

3. Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum is a god on Earth and a fashion inspiration to us all. Sure, you might think that a 66-year-old man is not cool. Even then, his style transcends age and social norms.

Jeff’s style is suave and eccentric. He mixes his colors and prints to help make his charisma standout. It doesn’t help that he’s a silver fox in tux or leather jacket.

Whatever your age is, the following the Grandmaster’s style will never be a problem.

4. Miley Cyrus

Some people will say Miley Cyrus is not fashionable. If you look at her track record, she’s had her fair share of fashion faux pas along the way. Even then, she’s one of the most fashionable celebrities.

Miley’s fashion statement seems to pay homage to fashion grunge over the recent months. With her choice of blacks and combining weathered wear with statement pieces, Miley hits every checkbox on ridiculous but it’s fashion magic when she wears it.

Miley Cyrus is evidence that experimenting with your clothes is a good thing. A beautiful mix and match and you should be good to go.

5. Rihanna

If we’re giving it a good look, we’ll never run out of bad girls looking fashionable. Whenever we need proof of that, good ol’ Riri is our best fashion inspiration.

Rihanna looks hot and fresh with her different ensembles. We can never stop gawking at her when she wears her style. A combination of femme dresses, hyper-fashion blazers, and bad girl casuals makes her someone you follow.

Rihanna will always be a part of the most fashionable celebrities out there. She somehow never goes out of style, and every piece she wears is a testament to that.

6. Adam Levine

Adam Levine is a sexy man and we all know it. He lives the rockstar life. He’s also one of the best-dressed celebrities out there.

Every time you’ll see Adam Levine, he’s a celebrity fashion inspo you want to follow through. What makes him look so good is the swagger. The Maroon 5 frontman can combine a basic gray shirt and jeans or a full-suit and he still looks good.

If you’re looking to follow Adam’s lead, you want to carry the same swag. You don’t have to be a rockstar. All you need is to know how to play up your strengths.

7. Chris Evans

Ok, we admit that we love Chris Evans’ style. We can blame us when he’s a fashion inspiration to men everywhere. The Captain America star stunned us on the big screen and his fashion is a big plus to that.

Evans had his fair share of fashion mishaps over the years. He got better, and he’s now an icon to men everywhere.

If you’re looking to rock the Chris Evans look, you want some blacks, greys, beige and earthy tones. You also want those tailored suits, long sleeve tees, and fitted jeans. He ain’t Cap anymore, but he’s among the most fashionable celebrities out there.


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