7 Best Sci-Fi Thriller Movies

7 Best Sci-Fi Thriller Movies

Where science deals with logical understanding, fiction dwells in the possible imaginations of an artist.

On the whole, both are powered by curiosity. The scientific logic that we try pinning on every finding is no different from the imaginations we keep glueing in the fictional world.

And when a fair chunk of mystery and thriller is added to the mix, we get to witness a mind-bending storyline.

Time and again Hollywood has delivered some excellent sci-fi thriller movies.

So here are our best Sci-Fi thriller movies recommendations:

1. Blade Runner (1982)

The story in the movie is set in 2019 – the year when Ridley Scott visioned flying cars, and humanity is witnessing such weird days. Quite strange right?

Well, moving on with the plot brief:

In a dystopian future, The Tyrell Corporation has developed human-like androids called Replicants.

Given the rate of their evolution, the Replicants soon started showing human-like consciousness with threatening capabilities and were consequently outlawed and abandoned to live off-world.

A Blade Runner’s job is to hunt down any remaining Replicants. Eventually, the authorities learn about 4 Replicants who stole a ship and headed back to Earth.

Given the situation at hand and his expertise, a former Blade Runner- Rick Deckard is commissioned back.

As the story unfolds, the revelations grow steeper and darker.

2. Looper (2012)

The story is set in 2044. Time travel is yet to be discovered.

However, we get to know that in the future it has been invented, but due to possible threats, it has been outlawed.

Yet the criminal organisations have found a way around that as well.

Given the tracking technology, one cannot simply be killed and disposed of.

So when the mobs got to eliminate someone, they send them back in time to their hired assassins, code-named: Looper. Getting them killed in the past basically erases the trace of their existence. Clever indeed.

Moreover, when a Looper seizes their usefulness to the mob, their older self is then sent back to them, which in a way Closes the Loop. Hence the code-name.

One such Looper named Joe is about to face the same fate but then comes the twist in the plot.

Unlike others, his older self is actually there with some motive.

3. Inception (2010)

A Christopher Nolan direction is a good enough reason. But here’s a quick summary.

The story orbits a guy named Cobb, who specializes in Subconscious Thefts. Cool, right?

He basically cracks into the subconscious headspace of his target, which he refers to as a World made of Dreams. There he lures them into safeguarding their secrets, which he subsequently steals.

He’s become a famed asset of espionage.

However, such a special mastery comes at a cost, and we soon get to know the agony of the share he has paid for it.

He finally lands a job which he feels can give him a shot at redemption.

Stealing a secret is one thing, but this job expects him to Plant an Idea in his target’s mind, which is whole another ballgame.

The plot is soaked in so many layers that with every viewing you’ll grasp a wider understanding.

And that’s what Mr Nolan specialises in.

4. Predestination (2014)

Ethan Hawke’s character is a Temporal Agent working for an organization responsible for travelling back in time to prevent catastrophes.

For his final assignment, he’s expected to travel back to 1975 and prevent a bomb attack in New York.

However, unlike his previous tasks, this one turns out to be twisted into a much more complex paradox.

That’s as far as we can go about a spoiler-free brief of this movie, and that’s where the beauty lies.

Predestination doesn’t give away the thriller upfront.

The plot twists are truly mind-bending, by the end of which you’ll be left with this sense of stark mystery. It’ll engage your mind in comprehending the riddle.

5. Ex Machina (2014)

Artificial Intelligence has always been fascinating.

Today, every technologist is determined to harness their potential, to develop self-sufficient, automated systems.

But as the distinction between man and machine grows fainter, the spectrum of possible repercussions becomes wider.

This essence has been so well captured in this movie.

The story kicks off with Caleb, a programmer at a giant search engine firm that wins a coding competition. As a reward, he’s offered a one-week visit to his brilliant CEO- Nathan’s private estate.

The territory is massive and alluring, yet it radiates an aura of curiosity and unease, just like its owner.

Soon Caleb learns that he’s been chosen to play the human counterpart in the famed Turing Test, which in this case concerns a female robot named Eva.

Eva is the brainchild of Nathan’s brilliance, whose extent of consciousness is what he expects Caleb to help him assess.

A test aimed at uncovering the thinning distinction slowly takes some wild turns.

6. Minority report (2002)

The year is 2054 and an advanced police division has been brought into existence to battle an epidemic rate of murder cases.

It’s called the Precrime Division, headquartered in Washington D.C.

They use Psychic technology involving Preorgs for arresting and convicting murderers before they commit the crime.

Preorgs are actually three human beings with the power of precognition- they can visualize crimes beforehand.

The division is headed by John Anderton, who’s shown to have a mournful past involving his son.

With no murder cases since its existence, the department seems to have performed exceptionally well in the public eye.

But soon comes the pivot when John lands a case where he himself can be seen committing a murder.

He quickly realizes that it’s all a setup. With 36hours in hand and his own team at his tail, he sets off on a plot with stark revelations awaiting him.

7. Arrival (2016)

Gigantic spaceships land at 12 different locations across the world.

Since the authorities fail to comprehend the intentions of those alien species, so they bring over Linguistics professor Louise Banks to lead an elite team of investigators.

The team is accountable for deciphering ways to communicate with those species.

Meanwhile, the confusing arrival of aliens arouses a state of panic, and the world starts slipping towards global warfare.

With a ticking clock and the hope of unravelling the mystery, Louise sets off with her investigations and soon finds her own life getting tangled with the ambiguous findings.

Aside from a thrilling plot, the cinematography is simply breathtaking.

It welcomes you in a surreal plot while questioning some diverse facets of life alongside.


We’re sure you’ll have a great time with these Hollywood sci-fi thriller movies.


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