6 Must watch TV shows


This is exclusively a list of most of my favourite/memorable shows this year. I hope you enjoy it! The list is not exhaustive and I would love to know some of your favourite shows in the comments below.

Chesapeake Shores (2016)

This show for me was such a heart warmer and the best part is, it was a family show. I have missed seeing a family show on TV, one you could actually watch without the awkward moments of having to forward through when the explicit scenes pop up every ten seconds. It focuses on family and its building blocks of it such as forgiveness, love, sharing and support. With a twist on rekindling lost love and mending broken families, this is definitely a show you would want to watch especially this Christmas! It has light moments, and great music and did I mention the views are to die for? One of the theme songs is Daughtry’s Home and what a great theme song for a great show too. Hallmark definitely did a number on this one. The best thing is it already has three complete shows out!

Jack Ryan (2018)

I guess we never get tired of Tom Clancy’s work. Jack Ryan is a well-scripted show and more so I loved how John Krasinski played out that part perfectly with my other favourite actor Wendel on the show too. It didn’t hurt throwing in a love story and it helps that the show captured one of the greatest crises in modern-day governance globally: Fighting terrorism. It will definitely keep you glued to the couch.

The bold type (2017)

The show is super upbeat, the story is well written with every character’s storyline complete and satisfactory. I loved the show as it portrayed friendships among women in a healthy way where they support each other, love each other and push for growth as opposed to the jealous, constant cat fights and scheming to pull each other down that is always portrayed on screen. It is definitely a must-watch for women and especially those who are starting out or looking to start out their career paths. Yes, they will make mistakes and those won’t be mistakes but rather their learning points. With two complete seasons out, you will completely love to be entertained as the women discover themselves, sexually, their careers and the things they love. The plot is well-blended too-culture and love.

Queen Sugar (2016)

It is refreshing to watch African-American women being portrayed as forward-thinking, hardworking and figures of change in a community and not as mere statistics and ratchet second-class citizens. The show is very educative on how the strides America has taken in erasing racism even though it remains to be a bother still and the contribution that the marginalized community itself has put into this journey. The plot is well written with heart-wrenching twists and even then it will keep you glued to the screen with an urge to know what happens next. Love, forgiveness and the importance of family remaining together are going to be some of the values you walk away with from this story.

Love is (2018)

If you are looking to learn how to navigate love, this is definitely the show for you. I loved it, even more, when I realized it is based on the true story of Mara Brocks and Salim Akil. It follows a couple who are trying to build their careers as they learn to follow their hearts. The show revisits social issues and the vibrant Black culture in America. It is a must-watch.

The Fosters (2013)

ABC this year wrapped up this show and it has been an amazing seven years following it on screen. Following the story of two blended families, it is a tale of love, redemption, forgiveness, and sacrifices for family. It is educative about adoption and sheds light on the American foster care system. The characters have grown both in the story and in real life and I have to admit I felt a little empty when the show came to an end, the possibility of not being able to see my favourite characters again. There is a spin-off though, I hope you enjoy it!



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