5 Steps To Take Care Of Your Good Health

5 Steps To Take Care Of Your Good Health

Good gut health is associated with better digestion. It also results in a great immune system. So it is indeed very important to take proper care of our guts. You might be surprised but there is a strong link between the quality of one’s diet and the quality of their gut bacteria. If someone has a healthy diet, they possess the better gut bacteria and less healthy diet does not only produce less healthy gut bacteria, but they produce high levels of bad bacteria in a person’s gut. So here are 5 steps to take care of your gut health.

Colorful diet

Fruits and veggies are a crucial part of a gut-healthy diet. Whether you eat fresh or frozen veggies, most of them are is a great source of fiber, which the good gut bacteria uses for food, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to keep our immune system strong. Some of the best fruits and veggies for better gut health include raspberries, onions, bananas, asparagus and watermelon. These high-fiber foods help in weight management as well, along with boosting gut health. Now that is something to be happy about!

Avoid added sugar

Okay, come on everyone knows that cookies, ice creams and our favorite pastries don’t do great things to our health. That is also the same case for our guts. Refined sugar causes inflammation, weight gain and an increase in chronic disease. These things can wreck your microbiome. Sadly, added sugars are sneaking in places you would never suspect. “Healthy” foods like yogurt, bread, salad dressings, granola bars and even dried fruit can be full of added sugars.

Control your consumption of alcohol

There are some very strong links between alcohol and poor gut health. We will suggest you stick to no more than one alcoholic beverage a day for women and no more than two for men a day. All your other attempts of achieving a good gut will go to waste if you go overboard with the consumption of alcohol.

Prioritize good fat

There are not one but a number of studies which prove that consumption of saturated fat is bad for you as well as your gut. Diets which consist of a high level of fat have been seen producing very unfavorable conditions for the anti-inflammatory bacteria of your gut which then allows for longer gastrointestinal problems and not just that, it poses a higher risk for various metabolic diseases like diabetes type 2.

Added Sugar

This is something which is known to each one of us, but we barely want to acknowledge its existence because it comes in between of us and our tasty treats. From cookies to ice cream to even the brownie mix, all of them are laced with added sugar and it is no wonder how harmful they are to our health and our guts. Added sugar is known to increase the amount of bad fat and reduce the good fat from our bodies whilst also increasing the harmful bacteria. Keep these in mind the next time you stop at the candy shop.


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