5 Best Comedy and Party Movies for Students


When you’re in college, you are living a free life – more or less. If there’s something that students love doing, it’s going to a party; or binge-watching movies the week before an exam.

When things are tough, we need a break from reality – and what better way to do that than watch a movie following a current course of life?

Some of them may be stupid and hilarious while others may be educational yet entertaining. Still, the moral of those movies is just one: college is a time for fun, so you better enjoy it while you still can.

Van Wilder

As the Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds seems to be becoming more and more popular, Van Wilder is a movie you do not want to miss. Featuring a hilarious wit, Van Wilder is the epitome of everything that’s awesome.

He’s the guy that will make every college party – and he’s the dude that can bring life into every frat party. This party liaison is definitely going to be on every list.

Animal House

Since college in itself is confusing, you probably appreciate a just-as-confusing name. As you watch it, the movie makes sense – but at the same time, it does not have a plotline.

Like college, you see many random buffs, fraternities, love stories, and one party after the next one. It’s basically what every college student wants from their college life.

American Pie 2

This is a continuation of American Pie 1 – but since the first one takes place in high school, we’re going to the second one where the whole crew has gone to college.

Wanting to enjoy their first summer break, the crew decided to take the party to Stifler’s summer house – the class clown that likes the ladies a little bit too much. This movie contains a lot of moments that are so embarrassing and random, that you can’t help but laugh your heart out.


Ever heard of the song “Scotty Doesn’t Know” by Lustra? It was everywhere, at some point. The song is from Eurotrip, a movie that started with Scotty’s heartbreak – and ended with a trip across the country.

Along with his friends, they went through many adventures – ones that you aren’t exactly sure whether you should laugh or cry about. However, since the circumstances are so random, you once more cannot help but laugh.

Dead Man on Campus

This one is another college movie that will make you laugh your heart out – and also realize that there’s no easy way to get a good college grade. The main character, a college student, is a stoner that would do anything to avoid studying and just relax all day. At the same time, he also wants straight A’s.

If you’ve ever wished for a fire alarm to take you out of school, give you a free day, and maybe a good grade for the trouble, then this guy took it to the next level. He thought that all he needed was for a roomie to commit suicide and he’d be all set for the year.

The most entertaining part, however, will be when he realizes that his master plan did not exactly meet his expectations.

College is a great break from high school – and basically, the point where you can hit the reset button. At the same time, while no typical college life is exactly like in these movies, it is still a good way to entertain yourself. A good college comedy movie is a good way to make yourself feel better about the exams to come.


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