4 Must-Have Travel Apps for Android 

4 Must-Have Travel Apps for Android 

Smartphone and Android device usage continues to rise across the world and is helping in many ways. It is offering a range of conveniences for business travellers. Half of the phone subscribers own mobiles, which let them access the web and android application usage will come up in near future.

This trend has ultimately fuelled the development of many more mobile apps, helping on-the-go users. This is good news for both leisure and business travellers, who always find one or the other way to decide and determine to make their travel budget-friendly, more efficient and easier.

There are many Android apps that help you to cut short travel expenditure and anxiety levels as well. These help you get cheap business class tickets, without needing you to struggle hard. The best Android travel applications can allow you to handle your business tour easily.

Some apps come pre-installed on the phone itself, while few need to be downloaded. You can find both free and paid travel apps and can download whatever best suits your travel needs. Whether you are in another nation, state or city, these apps can always make you feel that you’re in your comfort zone.

Benefits of Travel Apps

Most booking websites have Android applications – be it Priceline, Hipmunk, Kayak, Travelocity, or Expedia have all got apps. You can find these on the Google Play store. Whether you’re an occasional traveller or tour frequently, having the right app on your android phone can give the best experience of the journey.

It offers you real-time flight details, the weather of the state you’re travelling to, and maps of the airport and final destination. There are many features available on the airline apps in the android market.

Google Maps

The free map application can be downloaded at Google PlayStore; most phones come with this app and it is nearly impossible to see the world without it! From 3D rendering and excellent mapping to the powerful search, you can’t afford to miss this application. Google has come up with yet another smart app, called Google Translate, where you can type anything to get the translated version. The best features include text-to-speech, voice input, and conversion mode.

Flight Track

As the name suggests, this app tracks your air travel; the beautifully crafted application will display flight numbers, city details, arrival and departure times and dates. It will also show general flight paths, weather forecasts, delay info, and links to alternate flights. However, it isn’t available for free; the basic version costs about $5.

YP Local Search

YP Local Search app helps travellers to find gas stations, mechanics, hotels, restaurants, and movie theatres.  It will also display the reviews and ratings by other travellers so that you can make an informed decision. You can download this app from the Google Play store.


Download this ad-supported app, by following this link. Like Flight Track, it costs around $4. It arranges your itineraries better than you could ever do yourself. Available on tabs, smartphones, and laptops, it provides relevant information, compiling it into an easy-to-understand trip.

These are some of the best Android applications for providing travel assistance and planning your trips without breaking a sweat.



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