10 Football Movies on Netflix Instant


The most popular sport in the United States is football, so it’s no surprise that football movies are also very popular. Fortunately with Netflix Instant football lovers don’t even have to send away for their football movies. There are many football movies that can be enjoyed by Netflix Instant.

Jerry Maguire

Not everybody will consider Jerry Maguire a “football movie” because there isn’t much on field football action but Jerry Maguire is about a football agent and a football player. Unfortunately watching Jerry Maguire means sitting through the awful Cruise/Renee Zellweger garbage but the Cruise/Cuba Gooding Jr. scenes are worth it.

Live the Dream

Live the Dream is not an actual film with a script and actors but is one of those highlight films of a championship season. This film follows the Texas Longhorns as they go from losing the Rose Bowl one season to winning the National Championship game the following following season thanks to Vince Young’s heroics.

Hometown Legend

Hometown Legend is a film adaptation of a book written by Christian author Jerry Jenkins. Hometown Legend is about a struggling high school football team with a hard nosed coach. A drifter comes to town and becomes the star of the football team and falls for the head cheerleader. There is nothing too unique with the plot but because it is based on a Christian book there is some religion thrown on top.


Wildcats is a comedy starring Goldie Hawn. Hawn is the wife of a famous football coach and wants to prove that she can coach as well. Her only option is to coach an inner-city high school football team.

The Last Game

The Last Game is a documentary about a legendary Pennsylvania coach by the name of Mike Pettine. Pettine is the only high school football coach in Pennsylvania that has notched 15 undefeated seasons but he enters the next season thinking his team doesn’t have much of a chance to repeat.

Two Days in April

Two Days in April is a sports documentary in the vein of Hoop Dreams. Two Days in April follows four college football players that are preparing for the NFL Draft. The documentary is a behind the scenes look at the practices and drills that players have to participate in and the NFL Draft itself.

Go Tigers

Go Tigers is another documentary but instead of focusing on a few individuals this documentary focuses on a team, the Tigers of Massillon, Ohio. The documentary follows the players on the field and also off the field.


Radio is based on a true story about a man by the name of James Robert Kennedy.
James Robert Kennedy was a mentally-challenged young man that was picked on in high school. One day the head football coach befriended Radio. Radio joined the team as an assistant and helped lead the team to victory.


Rudy is about a 5 foot nothing, a hundred and nothing pound college student that tries to make it on the Notre Dame football team as a walk-on. Rudy is considered a classic by most sports movies fans.

Harvard Beats Yale 29 – 29

Harvard Beats Yale is a documentary that has highlights and comments from players that played in the 1968 game. Yale was a heavy favorite for the game so when Harvard was able to tie the game, 29 – 29, they considered it a victory.


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