10 Best Sad Movies That Will Make You Cry


In this selection, we have collected for you the most tearful, the most touching, the most unexpected and the most sentimental films, for the comfortable viewing of which we recommend getting a large number of paper scarves.

The Green Mile

The plot unfolds in an average American prison. The new prisoner is a tall and strong black man who is accused of killing two innocent children. He does not dispute the death sentence, but some prison officials suspect that he is innocent. Will they be able to figure out this confusing case?

Marley & Me

John and Jenny Grogan are young people who just recently celebrated their wedding and moved to Florida, hoping for a happy life together in this sunny state. They get everything exactly as we would like. The house is a full bowl, relationships are full of love and understanding. When planning their children, they decide to test their own readiness on the dog and have a puppy called the sonorous name of Marley. The little Labrador has a difficult character, he literally drives John and Jenny crazy with his antics and refuses to learn teams. But nevertheless, they still love their dog deeply, not suspecting that he will soon become their first tragedy …

Dancer in the Dark

Selma is a young girl who immigrated from Czechoslovakia. Hopes of happiness are crumbling when she begins to lose her sight and learns about a dangerous hereditary disease. But more than her own health, she is worried that the little son may also go blind. Then Selma decides to save money for an expensive operation, and gets a job at the factory, hiding her illness from everyone. Life becomes harder every day, and the only thing that amuses the soul of this girl is music because she loves to dance. Will she cope with the hardships that await her on the path of life? Will she save his son from the dark?

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Parker Wilson was unable to get past a confused and obviously homeless puppy. He took him to his home to take care of and find the owners, but he became very attached to Hachiko himself. Strong friendships developed between man and dog. In the morning the puppy escorted the owner to work, and in the evening – he met him to go home together. But once Parker Wilson did not return, he died suddenly due to a heart attack, and Hachiko, who did not know about it, continued to wait …

La vita è Bella

The Second World War. The protagonist, along with his son, becomes a prisoner in the Jewish concentration camp. All that the parent wants is to alleviate the fate of his child, therefore he presents everything that is happening as a cruel game. He insists that he should behave in order to become a winner. The boy tries to follow his father’s instructions, but it’s not known how long it will last and what lies ahead …

Still Alice

Alice Howland is a fifty-year-old successful woman, a professor of linguistics at a prestigious university. She achieved a lot in life, tied the knot with a beautiful man, gave birth to three wonderful children, and quickly climbed the career ladder, becoming a successful and sought-after specialist. In a word, she was quite happy. But once Alice noticed that she forgets elementary words and gets confused about concepts. Soon, with the help of specialists, she found out about a terrible and incurable disease that would literally take everything from her, turning her into an unintelligent person. Every day – from scratch. Is it possible to come to terms with this?


Jack and Rose meet aboard the unsinkable Titanic. And, contrary to all circumstances, truly fall in love with each other. Secretly from everyone, they spend time together, cherishing the dream and being on land to be together. Who knew that the Titanic would collide with an iceberg and not stand in this random battle?


Mills is an ambitious young man who definitely awaits a brilliant police career. He is conducting an investigation into serial killings. The maniac believes that he is the weapon of the Lord himself, and carries his message to the world. All victims are sinners who pay for their misconduct with physical and mental suffering. Will Mills manage to finish the job and put the villain in jail for life?


Saroo, while still a very young boy, got on the train, not suspecting that he would take him to another country. Not knowing his address and not understanding how to explain what happened, the boy ended up in a guardianship system. He lived most of his life in a wonderful foster family, but, becoming an adult, decided that he should find his home and biological parents. Surprisingly, he succeeded …

Requiem for a Dream

The plot is about different people, each of whom dreamed of a better life. Sarah Goldfarb wanted to build a successful career on television, Harold and Tyrone, the young guys, were convinced that happiness was in big money, and Marion was eager to open her own store. But they were not united by success, but by misfortune. All four people turned out to be drug addicts, unable to abandon the addiction …


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